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More About Our Services

Our client base is immense as since we opened doors in 2009, we have helped numerous residents and businesses in Lake Hopatcong, NJ with the installation and maintenance of their heating units. At Carbonic Heat LLC, we take joy in helping different communities and because of that, we are always ready to commence new projects. Stop wasting time and call us now!

Offered Services:

heating unit repair

Heating Unit Installation

We can set in place diverse types of heating units. We handle each and every installation project with precision in order to avert any malfunctions that can be due to poor mounting. Our technicians are skilled specialists who will provide you with the assistance that you need.

Heating Unit Replacement

In some cases the damage is too expensive and replacing the problematic unit is the most effective course of action. We can assist you with the task by taking down the malfunctioning heater and mounting a new one that we will thoroughly test.

Heating Unit Maintenance

Use our maintenance services in Lake Hopatcong, NJ to keep your heating units in optimal working condition. We will periodically examine and test your heaters in order to discover any defects and fix them before they become a more serious problem. Our rates are affordable.

Radiant System Installation 

Apart from installing traditional heaters, we can also set up radiant floor and driveway heating systems. We conduct our duties with diligence to prevent any installation flaws that can cause your system to malfunction or underperform. Each job is completed with a multi-point inspection because we know how delicate this type of heating installation can be and want to make sure that every pipe, coupling, and other important features are correctly mounted and connected with one another.


Carbon Fiber Technology

Carbonic Heat uses carbon fiber to produce heat. The result is consistent heat across the entire panel, with no hot spots or cold spots. Other electric radiant systems use a hot wire that runs through the floor, creating inconsistent heat due to the gaps created by the wiring pattern. Also, wire-based systems must run at much higher temperatures to be able to cover the dead spots between the wires. Carbonic Heat operates at a much lower temperature to produce the same heat.

Super Thin

The heating film is as thin as a business card, so there’s no floor buildup that creates height problems with doors, appliances, and molding.


The film for each project is custom-cut on the job site to fit the room.  In most cases, we can create openings and angle cuts in the panels to accommodate pipes, vents, and heavy fixtures. Most other radiant systems are pre-made at the factory, and cannot be modified on the job site.

Environmentally Friendly

Carbonic Heat produces no dust, no odors, no allergens, no drafts, and it runs totally silent.

Completely Safe

Carbonic Heat conducted and emitted EMF radiation levels are negligible.

Energy Efficient

Carbonic Heat produces 51 BTU’s per square foot, compared to 42 BTU’s per square foot for most competitors.

Fast Installations

Most rooms can be installed in less than one day.  If the new flooring is floating, it can be installed over the film immediately.  If the new flooring is glued down, or adhered with a thin-set, the curing time is only 48 hours.

Act now and call us at (973) 723-1706 to schedule an appointment and book one or several of our services for your upcoming project. We look forward to helping you!

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